Conference Introduction

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TokenSky Hong Kong Session will commence with a theme “Blockchain +". The event will introduce how to combine Blockchain technology in every industry, including games, 2D animation, Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and security. TokenSky will boost blockchain technology internationally and create diligent cooperation between several industries. 【Read more】

Conference schedule

December 17th
9:30—12:30TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forumProject+ Exchange session 
13:30—18:00TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forumProject+ Exchange session 
19:00—21:00  TokenSky High end private dinner
December 18th
9:30—12:30TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forumCSDN Blockchain Technology special
13:30—18:00TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forumBlockchain Technology & Security
December 17th
9:30—12:30TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forum
9:30—12:30Project+ Exchange session
13:30—18:00TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forum
13:30—18:00Project+ Exchange session
19:00—21:00TokenSky High end private dinner
December 18th
9:30—12:30TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forum
9:30—12:30CSDN Blockchain Technology special
13:30—18:00TokenSky “Blockchain +" Summit forum
13:30—18:00Blockchain Technology & Security

Has Invited

Tao Jiang
Tao Jiang
TokenSky Chairman, Founder of CSDN, Founder of Geek, ABI Foundation Sponsor
With 24 years’ software development experience, JIANG Tao took lead in developing Kingsoft Powerword and Super Decode-King, and created CSDN, the world’s largest developer communityin 1999. Meanwhile, as the investor with strongIT Technology insights, JIANG Tao has invested over 90 high-tech startups, including Juhe.Cn, ITcast, Locojoy (I’m MT), IT Orange etc. In 2018, JIANG Tao initiated ABI Foundation to support the innovation and development of the next generation of IT technologies, including AI, Blockchain and Internet of Things.
Phoebe Wang
Phoebe Wang
Founder of BO/TokenSky ,Partner of EXGAME,Founding CEO of TOPM
Katsunori Kondo
Katsunori Kondo
As a serial entrepreneur, He experienced entrepreneurship in multiple fields such as human resource services, site trading service, and advertising in the IT industry. Then, He pivoted to the online game business and released several games. In 2013, our released title was awarded "AppStore 2013 Best Game Demonstration Game Division".
Manzi Xue
Manzi Xue
Famous Angel Investor,Chairman of CariNet
Dan Roleda
Dan Roleda
A prominent Philippine lawyer and public servant, former member of Philippine Congress and Presidential Adviser for Foreign Investments.
Deng Di
Deng Di
Chairman of TAI
Yuan Dao
Yuan Dao
Director of Zhongguancun block chain industrial alliance
Lao mao
Lao mao
COO of Yunbi、 CEO of Bigone project、partner of INBlockchain
James Gong
James Gong
The founder of CYBEX and LONGHASH, also well-known for his net name “Baozou Gongqinwang” (Prince Kung Walking with Rampage), is a famous blockchain entrepreneur and investor.
James Gong, the founder of CYBEX and LONGHASH, also well-known for his net name “Baozou Gongqinwang” (Prince Kung Walking with Rampage), is a famous blockchain entrepreneur and investor. Graduated in mathematics, James is specialized in IT and financial securities analysis with many years of work experience in the related fields. He has been long-engaged in industry study and investment analysis during his D'Long days. Having been dedicated to pushing forward the development of digital currency and blockchain industry since 2012, he has translated and wrote numerous materials and whitepapers related to blockchain projects, and authored Blockchain Society, The Digital Currency, Blockchain—The New Economic Blueprint and many other books. He has also been involved in the development and investment of multiple blockchain and digital currency projects, and founded the professional social media, and ICOAGE, the largest ICO platform around the world. He is also the founder of CYBEX decentralized exchange, as well as the global incubator LONGHASH. Besides, James is a renowned angel investor in the industry, which has brought him a great reputation in the blockchain industry.
Dong Zhao
Dong Zhao
founder of Dfund
Yuming Yuan
Yuming Yuan
President of Blockchain Institute of Huobi
Colin Jiang
Colin Jiang
Bubi Chairman
Xing Chunxiao
Xing Chunxiao
Deputy Dean of Tsinghua University
Professor Xing Chunxiao, Ph.D., is the deputy dean of the Research Institute of Information Technology of Tsinghua University, deputy dean of the Institute of Internet industry , Tsinghua University, director of the R&D center of smart city bigdata of Institute of data science of Tsinghua University, deputy director of the Chinese Institute of Electronics block chain committee, deputy director of the China Computer Society information system committee, and database, big data, software engineering committee member, IEEE and ACM senior member.
Yu Hong
Yu Hong
Initiator of SDZ
Frank Zheng
Frank Zheng
Director-General of the World Blockchain Organization
ZhouXun,CEO of EKT.He is the the distributed system expert, early practitioners of the blockchain. Build the first multi-chain with multi-consensus public-chain EKT in the blockchain industry and build a new-generation blockchain programming platform to help the real economy quickly move to the blockchain ecology.
Eva Foo
Eva Foo
Founder&CEO of SCRY
Shiho Hongo
Shiho Hongo
Director of Japan Asia investment group
Overseas education background: mathematics, international financial engineering, law, etc. she was a former university faculty member, Ministry planning officer, Tokyo securities trading system design engineer and American, European multinational executives. Current job : director of Japan Asia investment group, director of Japan general chamber of commerce Senior researcher at the national institute of investment relations in united states. International advisory committee of Japan information service industry association; And domestic and foreign government, civil agency expert consultant. Hongo has invested in more than 2,000 enterprises, including Alibaba. and has successfully listed more than 300 shares.
Xuetao Chen
Xuetao Chen
LinXi Venture Capital Co.Ltd Founding Partner
Steve Lau
Steve Lau
Founding Partner of Eagles Fund
Mr. Lau is a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor in China. Mr. Lau founded his own company Fortune Telecom in 1993 and brought it listed in Hong Kong (0110.HK) in 2000. In 2011, Mr. Lau founded Eagles Fund which focuses on angel investment. Mr. Lau is the Managing Partner of DFJ Dragon China Fund; Venture Partner of F50, a venture capital platform in Silicon Valley; Board Member of New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong; the Vice President of China Young Angel Investor Leader Association; Founding Member of China Torch Entrepreneurship Mentor Alliance; Vice Presideng of ZhonguancunAngelCamp; Founder of Feiying cycling club. Mr. Lau graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained his First HonourMaster Degree of IT from National University of Ireland. By end of 2017, Mr. Lau has invested approximately 200 start-ups. During 2015-2017, Mr. Lau is ranked the most popular angel investor in China for the year.
Kevin Hsu
Kevin Hsu
Block VC Founder of BlockVC
Kevin has rich experience in blockchain investment. He has invested over 60 blockchain companies around the world. Before joining BlockVC, Kevin served as ETF product data scientist in Credit Suisse, senior machine learning Engineer in Wecash and partner in Dragonmind Capital.
Dongliang Gao
Dongliang Gao
Shenzhen Bay Capital General manager
Donald.Demerzel(DD) Founder of IOCT(the Internet of Crypto Token) Executive Chairman of BFI (Blockchain Fintech Global Research Institute) Donald’s past working experiences include Development Research Center of the State Council, Southwest Securities, Bohai Securities, CITIC Trust, etc., with over 13 years of working experience in the financial industry. He currently manages a PE fund of 1.1 billion RMB, and invests mainly in Technology, Media, and Cultural and Creativity industries. Donald started his research in the blockchain field in 2015, and started investing in blockchain projects, such as VEN, Scry, Cybex, etc., in 2017. Currently, Mr. Gao’s main focus includes the initiation and development of IOCT project- a public chain for data sovereignty and digital assets transactions, the collaboration with University of Chicago on initiating BFI (Blockchain Fintech Global Research Institute), and the initiation and construction of DECIL, which with Silicon Valley being its core community, is currently building working nodes and communities in cities including New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Shenzhen, for promoting and advancing the development of Blockchain industry.
Xu Yuanchong
Xu Yuanchong
Group Chairman of Dashansheng, three creation
Likai Li
Likai Li
consultant of Sequoia Capital&SAIF Partners
Yan Meng
Yan Meng
Deputy president of CSDN which is the global biggest developer community
Since 2015, MENG Yan has started to research blockchain technology and cryptography. He has published professional articles of blockchain technology, and substantivelyexplored blockchain application in banking, telecommunication, artwork, supply chain, renewable resources etc. Before joining CSDN, Mr.MENG Yan has worked for IBM Greater China Group to be in charge of implementing and promoting major corporate strategies, including blockchain, Smart Planet, Smart City, Waston cognitive computing etc. He led or participated many award-winning communication projects including Smart Planet, Smart City, IBM Centennial, China Open Big Data, Brazil World Cupcognitive computing etc.
Xuejiao Zhu
Xuejiao Zhu
Kcash CEO
Co-Founder of Kcash,Angel Investor of Kdax
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang
CEO of True Chain
Eric Zhang is the founder and CEO of True Chain. He graduated from Oxford University with a master degree in computer science. He used to work at CERN-the European Organization for Nuclear Research focusing on decentralized computation. He’s also the founder of Dorahacks which is now the largest Hacker community with great reach. He’s one of the most influential organizer of Hackathon among the young generation dedicated to use technology to solve problems in the real business world.
Tony Shum
Tony Shum
DragonVein Founder
Chao Li
Chao Li
Asia-Pacific Blockchain Business Camp(ABC)CEO Totalean Business Model Innovation Professional
Steve is a business model professional, a lean management specialist, co-founder of many venture business. Working experience with Panasonic, NTTDATA, Marubeni, and many startup teams, makes him having extensive business experience ranging from supply chain, manufacture, customer experience management, etc. He is business development specialist, a lean startup professional, and a fun of BlockChain technology.
Guangming Jiao
Guangming Jiao
Top Chain Founder
Top Foundation CEO
Ming Li
Ming Li
The Asia Pacific Chief Consultant of Win GC Group
Wang Pengfei
Wang Pengfei
Founder & CEO of Traceability Chain, Chairman of Snapshot Internet-of-Things (835101)
Traceability Chain, the only enterprise which is specialized in the development of the block chain traceability and anti-counterfeit public chain, is expecting to construct the world’s biggest block chain traceability platform due to the dedication, and promote the safe and stable running of the global commodities and data which requires tracing in the chain. The founder Wang Pengfei is the Vice Director of the China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance, and awarded 2012 “Beijing Youth Five Four Award” and 2009 “Shanghai IT Top 10 Youth”.
Wenjun Jiang
Wenjun Jiang
Secretary General of the China wearable computing industry alliance
Secretary general&COO of TopMedia
Cofounder of TokenSky
Secretary general&Cofounder of TokenSky
TopMedia COO
Jun Zou
Jun Zou
Beijing Blockchain Yun Keji CTO
Joe is a PhD of Computer Science graduated from Macquarie University, MBA of Macquarie Graduate School of Management.He is the CTO of Hainacloud. He was the 2015 Australia China Alumni ICT and Media Award winner, 2016 IEEE ICWS Best PhD Student Paper Award winner. Joe’s PhD thesis was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence in Macquarie University. Joe is a subject matter expert appointed by the Zhong-GuancunBlockchain Industry Alliance. He is also the main author of the first Blockchain technical book in China: “Blockchain Technical Guide”。In 2018, Joe’s consensus paper was accepted by the top international journal “IEEE Transaction on Service Computing”.
Xiaochen Zhang
Xiaochen Zhang
President, FinTech4Good, Blockchain Frontier Group, UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force
Xiaochen leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy which aims to introduce impactful fintech and blockchain solutions to frontier markets through incubation, acceleration and investment. He brings more than 16 years of thought leadership and global experience to build impactful solutions and scale up innovative ideas in North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. He is the co-chair of the Global Digital Economy Hub and serves on the Crowdfunding Professional Association Board of Directors, as a senior advisor of the China Social Entrepreneurs Foundation, Inter-America Development Bank and many blockchain start-ups. He is also a co-chair of several blockchain labs and a producer of the FinTech in China Show and the Blockchain Million Show.
Xie Linfeng
Xie Linfeng
Professor Dato Jeremy Chia, Malaysian. President of China Elite Club, Malaysia. Chairman of CTG Infosystem Sdn Bhd. Visiting Professors of Shanghai University, MBA Center.
Xuezong Wang
Xuezong Wang
Tsinghua Alumni TMT Association Vice President
Tao Zhang
Tao Zhang Former poly currency network president founding partner and president DXB.COM founding partner and CEO
Zhang Tao(Thomas), a continuous Internet entrepreneur, graduated from the business administration of Renmin University of China, who has founded largest group purchase navigation website in, which was acquired later. With the coming of the times of bitcoin and block chain, he started to join the leading bitcoin trading platform inAsian, acting as president: (; Chinese Name: Bitcoin Trading Network, with about 2 billion daily trading volume) and ( largest digital asset exchange in with about 40-60 billion daily trading volume) As Chinese well-known block chain investors, he is the president of and theco-founder of , the blockchain leading media news network inChina.
Motto: Behave and work with a grateful heart.
Japanese exchange QUOINEX chairman and CFO
Used to work in Ministry of Finance and investment,SoftBank
Katsu spent close to eight years at SoftBank Group. In his time at SoftBank, Katsu worked on many large M&A and venture deals worth over USD60 billion, including the acquisition of Sprint (US mobile carrier), Brightstar (global distributor of mobile devices), investments in Coupang (largest e-commerce platform in South Korea) and Snapdeal (largest e-commerce platform in India). In 2011-2013, Katsu led the establishment of SoftBank’s venture capital arm in the US and Southeast Asia. He has also driven many financing deals, including financing for the acquisition of ARM Holdings Plc. (world’s largest chip architecture developer), issuing mandatory exchangeable bonds backed by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (largest e-commerce company in the world), hybrid bonds, and more.
Liming Xie
Liming Xie
RedINChain,Founder and CEO ACO Capital, Partner
Guest on CCTV-2 Finance Channel Programme WE ARE THE HERO, Author of Bestsellers Wanghong Economy and Content Economy
Marketing Director of Etheremon
Since 2014, he has held many games and e-commerce projects in large IT enterprises in Southeast Asia. Afterイーサエモン joined,he focused on the market and business development. For the first time in the world, he launched a battle-game using block chain technology
Blogger dApps gamer
DAPP professional blogger in the field of games. So far, he has written more than 1300 blogs. He also serves as the official ambassador of ALS, and is highly regarded in the DAPP game area.
Xiaqing Yang
Xiaqing Yang
Director of NETEASE Media Technology
Haixiang Pan
Haixiang Pan
Founder of Iterduo
Long Dian
Long Dian
Founder and CEO of HuoXun Finance
Yu Wenhui
Yu Wenhui
CoinVoice CEO
Chen Shuo
Chen Shuo
General manager of Sanchuang technology
Wilson Wei
Wilson Wei
co-founder and CEO of Lino
Wilson Wei is the co-founder and CEO of Lino (, a blockchain technology company founded by a team of UC Berkeley, Stanford and Columbia alumni. Prior to founding Lino, Wilson graduated from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Business. While attending UC Berkeley, Wilson was the president of Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACE).
Tao Ye
Tao Ye
Founder of CariNet
Yiheng Li
Yiheng Li
Founder&CEO SoPay
SoPay, benchmarking of digital currency Alipay, is committed to making digital currency payment easier and provides decentralized digital currency payment solutions of end-to-end, cross-chain, cross-exchange. With its prospective technology, SoPay is able to provide landing API in a variety of online and offline consumer scenarios for digital currency. Currently, SoPay have been setting up branches in Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other countries to launch the global digital currency payment business.
Chairman of the board Ainana group
Deng Yongqiang
Deng Yongqiang
Executive general manager of Virtue Inno Valley,Secretary General of Tsinghua Alumni Association Internet and New Media Association
Prashant Surana
Prashant Surana
Co-Founder of Snapper, iWGC -world gaming coin


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